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Quantum Success is a 3 volume set featuring 85 top North American authors and business experts. Creative lead Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey gave birth to this idea to raise awareness and fund research for a cure of Huntington's disease. www.ideaman.net

Quantum Success
Volume One: Business Success


Give your leadership, career, or business a quantum leap - move into the "Quantum Success" performance level!


Volume One: Table of Contents

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• Welcome to Quantum Success Volume One

Building your Business
Dressing for Credibility – A Return to Formality by Joanne Blake
• We Just Decided To Go by Joe Calloway
• Small is the new big by Seth Godin
• Re-Think to Out-Think by Eileen McDargh
• Building a Boundaryless Company by Nido Qubein
• Nine Things More Important Than Capital by Jim Rohn
• Program Inspired Products: How to generate program-related products
as a way of building passive income by Sheryl Roush

Business Communications
The Art of Communicating Creatively - Making your Promotions Memorable!
by Barbara A. Glanz

• Becoming a ‘Corporate’ Story Teller by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey
• Top Ten Tips For Writing A Press Release That Will Get Noticed by Jill Lublin
• The Top 10 Ways to Make Your Web Site a Marketing Hub by Robert Middleton
• 5 Reasons People Don’t Listen at Work and Some Interesting Things You Can Do About it by Carla Rieger
• Add S.P.A.R.K. to Your Presentations and Achieve Quantum Success by David Saxby
• Sell It With A Story by Doug Stevenson
• The Hidden Profit Center: applied communication by Helen Wilkie

Interpersonal Success
The Power of Collaboration by Adele Alfano and Kathy Glover Scott
• Dealing with Defensiveness by Catherine Armstrong
• Gift boxes by Paul Z Jackson
• Innovate or evaporate – The time to act is NOW! by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey
• Kill Your Business by Ignoring this Non-Urgent Issue by Rebecca Morgan
• Playing Games in Meetings? Bah, Humbug!! by Edward E. Scannell
• Meeting with Humor: 14 Hints to Enhance Your Meetings with Humor by Patt Schwab
• Improve Your Business Productivity by Changing Your Dress Code by Sharon Skaling

Sales Success
Are You Making Excuses or Are You Making Sales? by Debbie Allen
• What You Should Know When Selling to the Opposite Gender by Patricia Ball
• If You Don't Feel You're Getting Enough Out of a Negotiation,
Nibble for More at the End by Roger Dawson
• Love the One You’re With: 9 Tips for Building Loyalty and Commissions!
by Colleen Francis

• Communication is really a part of the ‘sales’ process by Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey
• Value-Added Selling Through Differentiation by Don Hutson
• Sales Lessons from Bob Vila There's more to what he does than meets the eye
by BIG Mike McDaniel

• Turning Leads into Appointments by Robert Middleton
• Ask Rebecca - Sales Advice by Rebecca L. Morgan
• The Humility Advantage - How Less Ego Creates More Sales by Jeff Mowatt
• Successful Sales People by Sid Ridgley
• Timely Tips For Mastering the Complex Sale by Jeff Thull

Marketing & Promotion Success
5 Secrets To Saving Your Marketing Dollars by Debbie Allen
• Internet Marketing by Tom Antion
• Squid Soup: The Myth of the Product Adoption Lifecycle by Seth Godin
• What Is the POP! Process and How Can It Help Me Be One-of-a-Kind? by Sam Horn
• Position Yourself For More Prospects by Mark Leblanc
• Top 10 Sure Fire Publicity Tips From The Best Selling Book ‘Guerrilla Publicity’ by Jill Lublin
• Marketing + Authenticity = Cash to Your Bottom Line by Bill McCurry
• How to Use Cause Marketing For a Great Cause by Dr. Brad McRae
• Rethinking Marketing by Steve Miller

• Advantage: Small Business by George Torok
• Make Certain You Have a Personal Presence on the World Wide Web Now
by Dr. Denis Waitley

Customer Service
Lagniappe - The Secret To Customer Excitement by Joe Bonura
• The Art of Customer Service by Guy Kawaski
• Catching the Dream: A Black Belt Primer on Delivering Excellence in Customer Service
by Lorne Kelton
• The Simple Secrets of Superior Service by Mark Sanborn
• Teaming Up With Your Customers by Brian Tracy

What an amazing collection of wisdom and writing to help you take your business to the next level and reach Quantum Success! Return to the main page to register and download your complimentary copy.

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