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Quantum Success is a 3 volume set featuring 85 top North American authors and business experts. Creative lead Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey gave birth to this idea to raise awareness and fund research for a cure of Huntington's disease. www.ideaman.net

Quantum Success Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Frequently Asked Questions
about the Quantum Success project

Enquiring minds want to know?

What is this project and campaign?

This project is a cooperative, volunteer effort of over 85 top North American Authors and Business experts who believe in sharing their ideas and leveraging their skills for a good cause. Helping Laura’s Hope create awareness and funding research for a cure and treatment of Huntington’s disease is a worthy cause. We are privileged to be able to use our words to help in a positive way.

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Is anyone making money from this project?

None of the contributing authors, the publisher or any of the people doing background work on this project is being paid. Nor will any of us receive any remuneration for our involvement in this project. Any monies raised will go directly to Laura’s Hope via the various Huntington’s Society offices in several countries. Your help and contribution will go directly to help fund research and testing.

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How did you get so many authors and business experts to contribute to this project?

I asked! ? Simply, I started with people I knew in the Canadian Association of Professional Speaker and the National Speakers Association. I then approached a few top business authors with a request to be involved in our project. Their generosity has both humbled and overwhelmed me. I am inspired by their example.

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What is the connection with CAPS Halifax?

I was invited to be the 4th speaker in a series of 4 full day Quantum Leap workshops hosted by the CAPS Halifax Chapter at the end of November (2005). My session was on taking your authorship to the next level. The idea was to demonstrate that you did not have to be able to write a complete book to be able to share your ideas.
Co-authoring or working with other speakers has been the launching pad and path for quite a few ‘brand name’ speakers and authors. My thought was asking for a few NSA and CAPS colleagues to join me in assisting some of our attendees in creating an e-anthology. It continued to grow from there to our current 3 volume series.

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What is the connection with Laura’s Hope?

My friend, Warren Evans lost a daughter to Huntington’s. Laura’s hope was that a cure would be found before her younger sister became symptomatic and succumbed to it. Many IFPS, NSA, and CAPS Speakers and Chapters have actively been supporting this campaign. My thought was this would be a great way to raise both awareness and funding for the cause.

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Why did you include book covers in the articles?

Simple, I wanted you to get a sense of the caliber and expertise brought to you by our authors and I wanted you to be able to know which books to add to your success library.

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Why is it an electronic vs. print publication?

One of the primary reasons is to minimize the cost of production and to allow us to get this information into the hands and on the computer screens of ten’s of thousands. It also allowed the flexibility for a wide range of value-added topics and chapter lengths. This allowed me to create a series of volumes full of use-it-now information that can be applied to help our readers succeed.

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Who is Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey?

Bob is a long time member of CAPS who has been active in both Chapter and National leadership. He is the author of 30 business, leadership and career books and a regular contributor to North American consumer, corporate, association, on-line and trade publications. He is privileged to be the creative lead for such an amazing group of people in creating something of lasting value that also helps fund Laura’s Hope.

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